Cardinal Burke: Attention to liturgical norms “an act of profound respect and love for Our Lord”


LISA JOHNSTON | .His Eminence Raymond Cardinal Leo Burke | Prefect of the Apostolic Signatura | Archbishop Emeritus of St. Louis in front of the shrine to the Sacred Heart of Jesus in the Cathedral Basilica of S

Here is a selection of quotations from His Eminence Raymond Cardinal Burke’s June 28th address “Liturgical Law in the Mission of the Church” at the Sacra Liturgia conference in Rome:

“The difference in the approach to the Sacred Liturgy from my first days in the seminary in the Fall of 1962 to the time of the post-Conciliar reforms was, to say the least, extreme, if not violent.”

“The post-conciliar period and accompanying euphoria manifested a general disdain for the Church’s perennial discipline.”

“Given the radical reform of the liturgical ties, a certain antinomian mentality easily led to a great deal of liturgical experimentation which was completely divorced from the discipline which had formerly governed the celebration of the Sacred Liturgy.”

“The right understanding of the Sacred Liturgy is, in fact, the key to the understanding of every dimension of life. That right understanding is safeguarded by the law, the discipline, which safeguards…

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