St. Alexis – July 17

St. Alexis - July 17

Saint Alexius or Alexis of Rome or Alexis of Edessa was an Eastern saint whose veneration was later transplanted to Rome. The relocation of the cult to Rome was facilitated by the belief that the saint was a native of Rome and had died there. This Roman connection stemmed from an earlier Syriac legend which recounted that during the episcopate of Bishop Rabbula (412-435) a “Man of God” who lived in Edessa, Mesopotamia as a beggar, and who shared the alms he received with other poor people, was found to be a native of Rome after his death.

While the commemoration was removed from the Roman Calendar in 1969, St Alexius is mentioned in the Roman Martyrology under 17 July in the following terms: “At Rome, in a church on the Aventine Hill, a man of God is celebrated under the name of Alexius, who, as reported by tradition, abandoned his wealthy home, for the sake of becoming poor and to beg for alms unrecognized.” (Credit to the Catholic Encyclopedia)

One thought on “St. Alexis – July 17

  1. Reblogged this on Lucia Mystica and commented:
    Here is a fine example of an Icon. Look to Saint Alexis. He is calling us back into the Way of Song. This is an invitation into the still small voice of the heart, the little way of song.

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