Gregorian Chant: Sacred Beautiful and Universal

I couldn’t have said it better! We really do need to recover the meaning of the sacred!

For Christ and the Church

Papal documents on liturgical music return consistently to three characteristics that liturgical music should have.  It should be sacred, beautiful and universal.  Gregorian Chant is taken to be the paradigm against which all other music is to be compared when determining whether or not said music should be used for worship in the temple of the Lord.

What does it mean for music to be “sacred?”  The word sacred is a latinate word that means, holy, set apart from everyday use.  Sacred music, then, would be music that is recognizably not the kind of music that one would hear outside of a church building.  There are two elements of being a music recognizably for Christian worship.  The first is that words speak of God’s self-revelation and are consistent with the faith.  The second is that the music, even apart from its words, differs from secular music in its tone by being marked by solemnity and seriousness. …

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