Sing the Mass!

Sing the Mass!

What is often the excuse for not singing the Propers? (if you know what propers are)  Too hard. Choir can’t/won’t learn them. I don’t know how to read it. I didn’t know they were in English.

Here is yet another new resource available for FREE download. We have so many options to use the given texts, and actually sing THE Mass and not just sing AT Mass.

Check out the other work they have been up to over there too.

One thought on “Sing the Mass!

  1. Mike says:

    It has been a real blessing to have the Propers sung at our Sunday Liturgies. Our church has started a process to bring this beautiful music back to where it belongs, not just sitting on a shelf, but sung out to praise our God with what He deserves- the best. Oh why has sacred music not been in our church for so long? It is wonderful to see other people like myself , younger and older, hear and appreciate how this music brings us closer to God in such a deep way. Blessings to our Director of Liturgy and choir director for bringing new life into the Mass at our parish!

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